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Why the emphasis on counselling for men?

Whilst I have significant experience in working with both men and women, I mostly work with men.

Research shows that men are significantly less likely to seek counselling than women. I believe that this is because many counsellors and counselling agencies don’t take seriously enough the issues that men struggle with at different points in their lives.

Western society still expects men to be strong, disengaged from feelings and unemotional. Many men are taught from childhood that emotions equal weakness. “big boys don’t cry”.

My aim is to provide a counter to this, providing a space where a man can explore his emotions, fears, confusion, secrets and losses without judgement, labeling or shame.

However, I also work with women, particularly women who wish to explore their relationship with the men in their lives or who have experienced abusive relationships.


I believe all groups are, by their very nature, experiential. I also believe groups offer extraordinary opportunities for self-experiencing and for reflecting on who we become around different people. I work hard to provide a safe space for each member in a group and ensure that boundaries are respected.

Costs for groups depend on the size of the group and the number of sessions. An average group session of 5-6 people will last for 2 hours and costs around £25.00-£35.00 per session. However, I can be flexible and will try to match what you can afford.

I am particularly interested in developing groupwork with men around issues such as Porn Addiction and worrying sexual interests.

Affordable rates

Rates are fully negotiable and dependent on what you can afford to pay.Typical rates range from £35.00 to £60.00 per counselling session.

Where possible I will consider lower cost options and try and accommodate those on low incomes.

I also offer special counselling rates to those who commit to longer term arrangements such as trainee counsellors.

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