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Types of Supervision

I offer Integrative Supervision from within the Humanistic School. The supervision is based on Bradley’s Counselling, Consulting and Teaching Model. I provide both group and individual supervision.

I am sensitive to issues around Supervision Anxiety and take a warm, gentle and encouraging approach. I never reprimand or criticise supervisees. I explore with them what is happening in their relationships with clients and focus on keeping them both safe.

I take a strong interest in protecting supervisees from parallel processes, over-involvement and vicarious trauma.

I also can provide supervision to groups such as staff teams, volunteers, trainees and students. For the last few years, I have been providing group supervision to Homelessness staff at Brighton City Council and to Trainee Counsellors from Brighton University.

Individual sessions range in cost depending on the length of the sessions and the size of the supervisee’s practice. Sessions normally run for 60 or 90 minutes.

Group session prices depend on the size of the group. Maximum of 4 members per group.

For very small practice therapists, I can offer shorter, lower cost sessions.

Affordable rates

Rates are fully negotiable and dependent on what you can afford to pay.Typical rates range from £35.00 to £60.00 per counselling session.

Where possible I will consider lower cost options and try and accommodate those on low incomes.

I also offer special counselling rates to those who commit to longer term arrangements such as trainee counsellors.

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