About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy are talking therapies in which a qualified specialist will work with someone in a confidential, respectful, facilitative relationship to help them address and confront the issues they are facing. For this to work effectively, I believe the therapist should never show judgement towards the client or the client's behaviours and should always take the position that the person in front of them is asking for help and should be met warmly and with encouragement. 

Traditionally, Counselling is shorter term work with agreed goals and outcomes. Psychotherapy is usually longer term and involves in-depth processing of the way in which a client meets, experiences and processes their unique world and in therapy we look at where, in the client's life history, this pattern of experiencing was formed. This can enable a reconstruction of how a client understands themself and how they relate to and treat the people in their lives.

Areas I work in include; 

Post Traumatic Stress;

Passive Agression;

Domestic Violence (including perpetrators);

Gender Transition or Fluidity;

Sexual and other forms of Abuse;


Worrying or Frightening Sexual Interests;

Pornography Issues;

Monogamy Issues;

Men Struggling in their Relationships;

Historic Bullying/Victimisation;

Low Self Esteem and Low Assertiveness;

Existential Angst (mid-life crisis);

I have worked extensively in the area of sexual offence prevention and work with men with offending histories or who currently feel drawn towards offending.

I offer one to one sessions in-person or online. I also offer group therapy. 

I try as much as possible to make therapy accessible and affordable and I offer a number of lower cost options to help clients on lower incomes.

Ordinarily 50 minute sessions cost £70.00 and lower costs sessions start at £50.00. For those on mid-to-lower incomes I can negotiate somewhere between these two figures. For those who feel this is outwith their financial reach, I will try to find a way forward which might include shorter or less regualr sessions

Group therapy ranges from £25-35 per person depending on the number in the group and groups generally last 90-120 minutes.